Taking the Leap

I did it! I took a leap of faith and finally started the business I have always dreamed of creating. Who knew that a stay at home order would get those creative juices flowing and give me the opportunity, courage, and (let's be real) time to create Edits + Outfits by E.

For those of you reading this that aren't my friends and family, hi! I'm Elina a.k.a. "E". You may have read my bio on the website, but in this first blog post I am going to start at the beginning. Don't worry, I will keep it brief.

Ever since I was a little girl I LOVED fashion; from getting ready, playing dress up, and of course, shopping (the last picture below captures that love for shopping at the prime age of 4!) This love can be attributed to my fashion icon, my Mama. She is always dressed to perfection, and growing up she had my brother and me dressed to a "T", including a bow in my hair at all times (see pics below...she really was into the bows). She has been my inspiration from a young age, and always encouraged me to explore my own style. You could always find me with a bag in hand, putting my own outfits together, and going overboard with accessories. I loved to dig through my great grandmother's scarves and sneak into my mom's jewelry box just to finish off my looks. This was just the beginning of my relationship with fashion.

This relationship became more serious when I was 6 years old after a family trip to my first big city, Chicago. I loved everything about it; the hustle, the tall buildings, and of course the SHOPPING. One night after we finished dinner on Michigan Avenue, we were walking back to our hotel, and I just stopped in my tracks. My family looked back at me thinking I must be exhausted, and at that moment I threw my arms up in the air and screamed "I. Love. It. Here!" Every day after that trip, I dreamt of becoming a city girl working in fashion. Fast forward to fifteen-ish years later, this dream has become my reality.

I moved to NYC in 2013 and have been here ever since working as a visual merchandiser for several luxury fashion brands. Outside of work, so many of my friends asked me to help them go through their closets and "style them". I always love giving them advice on their wardrobes, making sure they look cute, and most importantly feel great too. If you haven't read my bio, you can read it now and that will bring us to where I am today! Closet Curating. I never thought in a million years this would develop into a business. Thank you for following me on this journey and stay tuned for organizing/styling tips, fun fashion finds, and so much more!